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WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from BuiltWith), so you can rest assured you're in good company.

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination. Originally, It started as WordPress as a friendly CMS, used by many bloggers and companies to create their WordPress site. User can easily change the look and feel of their WordPress site by selecting and installing a WordPress theme. There is also a number of WordPress plugins available. Later, with the growth of e-commerce, WooCommerce was created.

It is a very friendly e-commerce framework for everyone. Generally speaking, many of the WordPress users simply got comfortable with how WordPress operates. Upgrading it with WooCommerce on top of Wordpress was very easily adapted. Seamless experience in building an e-commerce site.

Based on WooCommerce latest developments, various categories of extensions or WooCommerce plugin are available on their official website, both free and paid ones. Visit the following link to have a look

WooCommerce, like other shopping carts, it supports credit card payment, shipping option, restful API, etc. This makes it very suitable for small businesses to start with. And also for huger business to scale on it later on. Because it is open source. Developers have complete control of how they would like to customize it locally and deploy it to the clouds.

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