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A company could overcome language barriers by having an agency that is locally connected. WestRoadSouth is at the pulse of East Asia. We help foreign companies to create content that is engaging and relevant. We deliver your brand message with local expressions.

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Localise your Visuals and Communication Channals

One way of delivering a stronger marketing message that is relevant and engaging is to localize your visuals and communication channels. Locating the correct media channels, models, KOLs or illustrators of your products or services is much more effort in generating sales leads. And that's especially true for the Chinese market.

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  • Create a Full Page with Strong Visual Impact WeChat Minisite to Align with Your Corporate Visual Identity
  • Website Localization That Suits Chinese Audiences' Tastes and Preferences

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WestRoadSouth introduced a WeChat Mini Program called Puzzle. It is natively build for the WeChat Messenger. It tackled various painpoints currently faced by foreign businesses. WestRoadSouth developed this natively on WeChat for seamless cross-border payment within the WeChat eco-system.

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Overcome cultural and Communication barriers. Seamless and Hassle free.

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