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WeChat Official Account let your brand to stay in touch or get in touch with your potential customers. WeChat Official Account is embedded into WeChat, which is the most popular messenger in China. WeChat let users share their moments, pretty much like Facebook and Instagram. And this is the beginning of Social Commerce.

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How does it work?

Your WeChat Official Account (OA) comes with a comprehensive admin panel. It allows you to customize your OA menu. Create links to URL destinations of your choice. And publish newsfeed to your followers. WeChat OA is definitely your additional channel in doing business with Chinese customers

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How big is the market?

There are over 1 billion WeChat users at the moment. And the numbers very growing. On average 87% of users spend more than 200RMB per month via mini-programs. You could almost do everything within WeChat these days. It is a Messenger, a wallet, and an integrated platform for mini-programs to get innovative! You can too!

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