WeChat Mini Programs

Getting Chinese customer’s attention has never become easier. With the recent rise of social commerce or social shopping in China. Chinese online shopping and offline shopping habits is accustomed to word of month as the social proof. The conversion rate of this phenomenon is extremely high.

This shopping experience has become the chinese way of life in online shopping. And many social media platforms are taking advantage of this trend. Brands are shifting to social channels, looking for social media sites to get themselves heard. Online shoppers are shopping for recommendations from friends, credible reviews from within their social circle.

With the majority of China’s population communicating on WeChat, the WeChat ecosystem is proven to be more effective than instagram, twitter, linkedin and facebook ad. Social advertising is also one of the hottest topics amongst KOLs or Influencer marketing. These experiences with social media has a positive sentiment feedback and it increases sales.

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All wallet transactions within WeChat are being handled by the wechat pay or local 3rd party payment gateway. Cross border payment introduces by WeChat has become very popular in recent years. These payment services allows Chinese customer to pay with RMB within their account and transfer to the Merchant as their local currency. This helps overseas merchants to do business with Chinese customers easier, faster and a more localised UX.

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WestRoadSouth introduced a WeChat Mini Program called Puzzle. It is natively build for the WeChat Messenger. It tackled various painpoints currently faced by foreign businesses. WestRoadSouth developed this natively on WeChat for seamless cross-border payment within the WeChat eco-system.

Native Build

Out of the box solution is too constraining on Design, UX and Technical flexibility. WestRoadSouth build Puzzle to overcome all of that. So retailers are focus on gaining more customers, sell more, sell faster.

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Localised UX and Cross Border Payment Enabled

Puzzle is design based on Chinese consumer's behavior. It is easy to navigate, browse and add to cart. Puzzle create a seamless shopping experience for your Chinese customers.

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User Friendly Backend in English

WestRoadSouth studied many online solutions from China and created Puzzle. Puzzle provide solutions to the market's existing pain points. Puzzle makes is more friendly for operators and customers. It is available in English. And we provide the solutions for cross border payment and eStore operation support.

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